BMW F Series Magnetic Phone Mount

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Brand: AutoAddictz
Item type: Phone Mount For BMW F series

We love using this magnetic phone mount so much, we decided to share it with everyone else. This is truly what we use and think is the best option out there. 
- A strong hold for your device.
- OEM placement! Does not take up your vent or window. PERFECT fitment over the trim
- Extra supplies if you want one for your phone or tablet!
- Will not rattle or shake unlike vents or window mounts!
- A very firm swivel to face the device in your direction.
- No adhesive or messes made!

Installation takes 50 seconds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Barry Perryman

I am yet to receive this product. Order #1975. Ordered on Dec 5th

Works perfectky

Great mount. It adheres to the dashboard well and holds my phone in the perfect position. Great value too!


Product is great, but customer service and respond is zero, got no respond from questions, but product came 2 weeks later 👍

Osbourne Chin
Great Phone Mount but weak magnet - Some products not received

The product is great. It fits on the dash seamlessly and looks like an gem part. The phone slightly covers the shortcut buttons and the hazard and door lock buttons but its no big deal. My only issue is with the strength of the magnet and the two tiny metal plates. The phone tends to slide and doesn't hold position very well. A stronger magnet will make the product perfect.

One other thing. I ordered two products - the phone mount AND a key cover. The phone mount was delivered no problem but the key cover is nowhere to be seen. The second tracking number provided for the key cover doesn't work. I also reached out to them and no response.


I still have not received my order and it’s been 2 months. They won’t refund my money or even try to contact me!